Jan Kavka Trio - Waiting For Something (29. 3. 2018, Český Rozhlas Ostrava)

Jan Kavka Trio - Past Stories (Official Audio)

Jan Kavka trio - Jazzinec - International music festival - autumn party. Compositions: New Age, Waiting for something, Rozjímání, Where it comes from, Back Home, Peace of mind (30. 11. 2017)

Jan Kavka Trio - New Age (20.  11. 2017, Pjetka music club and restaurant, Ostrava)

Jan Kavka Trio - festival "Jazz w Ruinach" 2017 in Gliwice (PL), compositions: New Age, The Sea, Waiting for something, Past stories, Where it comes from (not whole), Rozjímání

Jan Kavka Trio - BACK HOME (composition by Jan Kavka)