As a Leader

Jan Kavka Trio

JKT is Jan Kavka´s acoustic projekt which was establisched in autumn of 2013 in occastion of jazz nights in coctail bar Modrá Myš in Ostrava. From september 2016 JKT does concerts all over the Czech republic and also sometimes in Poland. In the begening JKT played only jazz standarts, but later came some original compositon and arrangements of pop songs. Music of JKT is inspired by the giants of jazz music, classical music and pop music. In April 2018, JKT released a debut CD called Past Stories. As part of the "ČESKÁ JAZZOVÁ SKLIZEŇ" (in eng "Czech Jazz Harvest") poll organized by Czech Radio Jazz, this album was awarded 2nd place. Members of JKT are winners of several jazz competition for example Powiew Młodego Jazzu, Jazz Fruit or Central European Jazz Competition.


  • Jan Kavka - piano
  • Marek Dufek - double-bass
  •  TBA - drums

As a Sidemamn

Heda Quartet (

HQ is a project of talented Slovak trumpeter Michal Cálik, which was created in June 2017 as a part of Michal's master's project at JAMU in Brno. Stylish band balances between tradition, modal approach and modern interpretative directions. The repertoire includes jazz standards and the composition of the project leader.

  • Michal Cálik - trumpet, flugehorn
  • Jan Kavka - piano
  • Marek Dufek - double bass
  • Adam Sikora - drums

Five Heads

Five Heads was established in autumn of 2015. Main part od FH repertoir is original composition most offten written by trumpet player and leader Jan Štěpánek. The music style of FH is close to jazz-fusion.


  • Jan Kavka - piano
  • Jan Štěpánek - trumpet
  • Pavel Prokop - saxophone
  • Marek Dufek - bassguitar, double-bass
  • Jiří Bučánek - drums


Bandaband was formed in 1998 by Martine Rek. Music of Bandaband is based on blues but after years we can find a lot of influence by funk, latin musico jazz-fusion. In these days is sound of Bandaband very close to funk, but in their own original way.


  • Martin Rek - guitar, lead vocal
  • Tomáš Zetek - saxophones, flute
  • Jan Štěpánek - trumpet
  • Adam Rek - percussion
  • Karel Pech - bassguitar
  • Tomáš Kothera - drums

also colaborates with: BUTY, Michal Žáček, Mário Šeparovič, Radovan Šťastný, Jakub Kupčík, Tasos Engonidis, Vlastík Šmída, LA Sunday, Kombo Reného Šindelky.